An inspirational social media campaign for Barbie, championing little fans with big dreams


Barbie wants kids to know they can be whatever they want to be. A doctor, astronaut, video game hero, firefighter… anything is possible.


We were asked to create an engaging social media campaign to not only spread this message but start a movement across the Middle East to empower and inspire school-age children.



Mission Ambition launched on Facebook and Instagram in the summer of 2016. The concept was fun and easy to grasp; kids took part by dressing up or drawing a picture of what they’d like to be when they grew up, and shared it on social.


We used bold branding and inspiring copy to get the positive campaign message across loud and clear, and it didn’t take long for the entries to come flying in.


The more kids shared and celebrated their dreams, the more others (on mass) were inspired to take part.


With so much campaign-related user generated content swarming social platforms, interaction levels quickly verged on viral – the movement was underway!


Mission Ambition ultimately gained Barbie enormous exposure with the target audience, successfully drove home the brand’s core message and was deemed a great success.


Mission complete.