We’re explorers of the extraordinary, embracers of the unexpected and avoiders of average


SMSW Media was started nearly 10 years ago by a seasoned rule-breaker with no interest in playing it safe, who was on a mission to show brands what happens when you don’t.

Fast forward a decade, and we’re a tight-knit team of likeminded ballsy thinkers and brave creators.


From global advertising campaigns to branding to social media, we take our clients from overlooked to unforgettable. Our work works because we live and die by a desire to see what others can’t, think how others don’t and say what others won’t.


While competitors churn out material that quickly dissolves into a sea of sameness, we work with brands to charter new territory, break boundaries and create exciting content that commands attention in crowded markets.


Indifference is our enemy, so everything we do promises explosive impact that grips audiences, gets into their heads and drives them to do.