We’re a performance marketing agency run by business masterminds, maverick creators and tenacious strategists. 


SMSW Media was started nearly 10 years ago by a seasoned rule-breaker with no interest in playing it safe, who was on a mission to show brands what happens when you don’t.

Fast forward to now and we’re a tight-knit team of boundary breakers with sales savvy, creative vision and specialised skillsets.


We bravely create exciting brand material that will get you seen, get you remembered and get you better results.


Our team live and breathe marketing, so reaching your audience in the most powerful ways, and driving them to take action, is second nature.


We know which mix of channels, tools and techniques will reach and impact your ideal customer. We know when, where and how to persuasively communicate your unique value. We also understand that you need to know that what we’re doing is working – so everything we do is tracked and measured against your most strategic KPIs.


What makes us different?


We’re business minded just like you. We never, ever, take our eyes off the ultimate goal: consistently driving more profit than you ever thought possible.


Countless brands have already reaped the rewards.


Now we’re ready to do it for you too.


Ready to become impossible to ignore?