3 brand campaigns you’ll wish you came up with

Every new opportunity to sell on social is something worth celebrating; what we’ve seen of social commerce so far is really just the beginning.

The major players in digital are scrabbling to enhance their commerce capabilities, and just a few weeks back, Adidas became the first brand ever to sell via a Snapchat show.

While watching “Fashion 5 Ways” – a show exploring different ways women can wear fashion staples such as sneakers – users could swipe up to buy the latest version of the brand’s Falcon W shoe before its official release date.

Sneakerheads among us will know this is a huge deal.

Photo: The Current Daily

What made this really cool though is the fact that fans could score themselves a pre-release style without ever leaving Snapchat. Adidas partnered with Shopify and super-speedy delivery service Darkstore to make it happen.

Nike did something similar earlier this year, but using a Snap code and AR world lens. Before this example from Adidas, no product had been sold directly through a Discover show.


Rice Krispies Treats
Ever heard of writable wrappers? I know, I know – we usually write reviews on digital campaigns. But bear with me, there’s a link coming up soon!

Anyway back to writable wrappers.

They are part of a pretty sweet back-to-school concept from Rice Krispies Treats called “Love Notes”, which encourages people to write little messages to their little ones via blank hearts on snack packaging.

Picture the moment: you open your school lunch only to find a note from one of your adults, saying something like “love you!” or “Go ace that quiz!”

It’s a nice idea. Although back in the day, my parents would have probably written something like “Don’t trade for chewing gum.” or “Get home on time.”

This month Rise Krispies Treats made the whole idea even more heartwarming.

To make “Love Notes” more accessible, the brand partnered with the National Federation of the Blind to create two new versions: Braille stickers and re-recordable audio boxes.

The heart-shaped stickers can be placed on packaging where the notes are usually written. There’s a selection of 8 uplifting phrases in Braille to choose from.

The audio boxes hold a Rice Krispies treat and play a 10-second pre-recorded message when opened. Boxes can be rerecorded over 1,000 times.

This campaign – although offline based – lends itself really well to social.

In addition to brand-produced content, I can see bigger possibilities: an extension of the campaigns focusing on UGC featuring people’s Love Notes has tons of potential, and could really catch on. I can imagine a whole gallery of fun, creative and touching messages for kids and all the engagement something like that would spark.

The addition of the Braille notes and re-recordable boxes would broaden appeal even further and showcase great brand values.


New Balance

New Balance is getting all high tech to celebrate Fashion Week and surprise a bunch of trendsetters with free sneakers.

The brand is popping up at Fashion Week locations including New York, Toronto, Stockholm and Madrid with a one-day activation that involves a street-facing camera, neural networks and AI.

I’ll explain.

For several weeks in the build-up to NYFW – the first location on the list – the New Balance team hit the streets of New York using cameras and machine learning to build a picture of current trends.

Then, as Fashion Week officially kicked off, cameras scanned the streets of Soho, seeking out and rewarding “Exceptions” – people who, statistically speaking, have a unique sense of style.

Event attendees judged to fall into the Exception category were quickly accosted on the street by fashion influencers, and handed a gift bag containing a free pair of the brand’s Fresh Foam Cruz Nubuck shoes.

Clearly, this is a campaign of epic proportions and requiring an epic budget. Not feasible for many.

But what’s great about it is the way it ties in a major occasion in the fashion world, an innovative IRL campaign, the general public and a brand new product. It also aligns the brand with non-mainstream style, which may seem counter-intuitive but is actually a deliberate positioning move.

An initiative like this will create an unbelievable amount of “reaction” content too, which is perfect for social and can drive interaction on New Balance’s channels for a long time to come.