3 brand campaigns you’ll wish you came up with


Let’s be honest, when isn’t Nike doing something great?

The iconic brand is a regular in our monthly roundups and has made the cut once again this time with the launch of “Juntas Imparables” (“Unstoppable Together”).

As the first JDI (Just Do It) campaign for Nike Women Mexico, Juntas Imparables aims to inspire women to achieve their goals and take on the world– together – through sport.

The entertaining campaign video, which you can check out below, is set in Mexico city and depicts women rallying to overcome a range of obstacles.

A line-up of Mexican sports stars are featured including soccer player Nayeli Rangel, boxer Mariana Juárez and more.

And, in the spirit of sport, there’s a competitive element to the campaign too.

Between 10 September and 19 October 2018, women can enter the Juntas Imparables contest in teams of 4, competing to clock up the most workout minutes over a 6-week period.

Participants can log their minutes through the Nike Training Club app, Nike Run Club or in face-to-face sessions at the Nike Women MX House. Progress is tracked via a dedicated website and the group with the most minutes at the end is in for the prize of a lifetime: a one-year Nike sponsorship deal.

As of right now, the current leaders top the table with an incredible 62,983 minutes.

Photo: Nike

But wait that’s not all!

Alongside this, Nike will fund one minute of play/exercise for the NEMI foundation for every minute tracked. The NEMI run Made to Play, a program that helps Mexican children to live happier and healthier lives.

Putting aside the mammoth budget at Nike’s disposal, which of course means it’s much easier to “Just Do It” when it comes to blockbuster campaigns, there are elements of Juntas Imparables that any business can steal for the playbook.

A campaign that’s tailored to the climate of the local community is always a great starting point. Video content that’s funny, relatable, leverages influencers and makes a strong statement is the perfect follow up.

If this can then be linked to a well-suited contest element that gets people involved, an amazing prize and a charitable element. Well, then you’re really winning.



We’re following up from Nike – the campaign highlight regular – with a brand that’s making its very first appearance.

Digital creativity may not instantly spring to mind when you think of easyJet, but its latest initiative is innovative, intuitive and laser targeted to the Instagram generation.

Definitely worth a closer look.

The company has added a “Look & Book” feature to its app, offering a new way of searching for flights that all starts with an Instagram screenshot.

Recognising that, for many of its customers, travel inspiration begins with wanderlust-worthy Instagram snaps, easyJet decided to integrate this into its actual booking process.

To use the tool, you just need to screengrab a photo from Instagram and upload it to the easyJet app via Look & Book.

Plugging directly into Instagram, the feature then uses geotagging and visual recognition to identify the location. From there the flight booking process can be completed in just a few clicks.

What we like about Look & Book is the fact it caters so well to the digital behaviour patterns of a particular audience segment.

easyJet is shaping an element of its service around how its younger customers use Instagram, which is great.

It would be interesting to know though how many users go from drooling over holiday snaps to actually booking a flight. Is this too much of a leap?

It’s possible the feature could work even better if plugged into Pinterest (which might happen), where users are actively looking for things to do/buy rather than more passively consuming content.


Stella Artois
Stella’s Artois’ latest ad has really… tapped… into what catches consumers’ attention by mimicking (and parodying) the brand that captivates audiences better than almost anyone: Apple.

Each September, Apple releases a new iPhone and people across the world lose their heads a little bit from sheer excitement and anticipation.

And this year, Stella Artois – yes, the lager manufacturer – set out to upstage the annual iPhone announcement by dropping its very own launch ad, for the “Ultimate Connected Device”.

Confused? Understandable.

To give this some context, the Ultimate Connect Device in question is actually just a standard lager glass.

The spoof video replicated the entire look and feel of an Apple ad, from dramatic slow motion transitions to the typeface, close-ups and even the music.

Stella cleverly emphasised the USPs of a simple pint of lager using smartphone terminology.

The “device” (lager glass) is described as touch activated (because you can pick it up), wireless (it erm, has no wires) and easily rechargeable (refill anyone?).

Oh, and it’s also impossible to hack.

But there’s more to the ad than the funny comparisons. The underlying message takes aim at gadget addicts (i.e. us all), pointing out that we’re missing out on “human facetime” and “better connections”.

To continue the ironic theme, the ad – which promotes IRL meet-ups – is designed for digital and hosted on YouTube, with short versions run on Facebook.

All in all, we love this campaign. It’s really good to see the brand thinking completely outside its own world for the concept. This is easier said than done, but what it’s achieved is an ad that resonates with the digital audience, in the digital realm, using digital examples… but convinces people to drop digital and go grab a drink with their friends.

While you obviously have to tread carefully when purposefully resembling another company’s branding, if there’s an obvious reason for doing it and you’re not infringing copyright in any way, it can be really effective.