Digital Dash: Pinterest launches “complete the look” & more

1. Pinterest takes visual search to next level with amazing “Complete the look” feature

Pinterest has always been a visual search pioneer, and this week’s launch just goes to prove that.

Currently when people use visual search on the platform, returned results are similar to a query image. However, the newly-announced “Complete the look” expands on this in a really interesting way.

As explained in a recent blog post from the Pinterest Engineering team:

“Complete the Look takes context like an outfit, body type, season, indoors vs. outdoors, various pieces of furniture, and the overall aesthetics of a room, to power taste-based recommendations across visual search technology.”

Essentially this means that search is about to become way more sophisticated, and could connect consumers with a broader range of items, specifically tailored to their lifestyles (as shown in photo uploads).

Clearly this is a big opportunity for brands.

Image: Pinterest

In early testing, Pinterest has found the technology to perform significantly better than previous recommendations systems.

And if you’re interested in the in-depth tech behind the system, you can read the full blog post and geek out to your heart’s content. But be warned, you’ll see a lot of this:


2. Snap Inc. zooms in on gen Z, ready to find out how well you know the demographic?

In collaboration with JWT Intelligence, Snap Inc. has produced a seriously comprehensive guide to gen Z, i.e. “the next generation of super creatives”.

And when I say comprehensive, I mean a 70-page presentation.

The guide focuses specifically on 13-22 year olds from the US and UK. And if your brand targets this age group, you’ll know that it’s vital to understand how they act, what they like and what’s important to them if you want to connect.

However, I’m going to assume you probably don’t have time to read it cover to cover, so here are the headlines:

  • More than half of gen Z (51%) say their generation is more creative than previous generations
  • 56% of gen Zers use social apps to express themselves creatively
  • Snapchat reaches 90% of 13-24 year olds in the US
  • Gen Z Super Creatives are combining the digital landscape with craft and handmade aesthetics in inventive ways
  • 55% of gen Z say they find the digital world a more creative space than what they experience online
  • When asked to develop a slogan for gen Z, most Zers suggested a variation on “be yourself”
  • 49% turn to social apps for ideas and inspiration


3. It’s not just posts! Did you know Facebook comments are also subject to the algorithm’s approval?

Most people know that Facebook’s algorithm ranks posts based on a whole load of factors (a few of which have been recently added).

But did you realise post comments from Pages and people with lots of followers are also under the control of an algorithm?

In order to show you relevant and quality comments, a number of ranking signals are taken into consideration, including:

Image: Facebook

And, as of this week, two new ranking factors have been added. Facebook will show comments on public posts more prominently when:

  • The comments have interactions from the Page or person who originally posted (brands, take note of this!)
  • The comments or reactions are from friends of the person who posted

Here’s another Facebook FYI for businesses: the platform will be removing a handful of page info sections from the beginning of August:


4. Facebook launches Libra, it’s very own global currency

As expected, Facebook has officially announced its own digital currency, named Libra (not GlobalCoin as previously thought).

Facebook introduced Libra to the world via a white paper, which expresses the overall mission as: “a simple global currency and financial infrastructure that empowers billions of people.”

The white paper also details Libra’s three main elements:

Image: Facebook

Wersm has highlighted 5 key facts about Libra that are definitely worth a look:


5. Facebook tests preview option for page posts

Yes, more Facebook news!

This one is not quite as huge as the Libra announcement but it’s still something many businesses will be pleased to hear about.

As spotted by user Ahmned Ghanem (based in Egypt), the platform is testing a “Preview” button that would let you see how your post is going to look before publishing.

Image: Social Media Today

Of course, if you’re scheduling posts you’ll already have the benefit of being able to view the content before it goes out.

But for anyone posting live, clicking “Preview” (assuming it rolls out) will be a great stage to build into your publishing process for quality control.