Business-winning, game-changing bid campaigns for a raft of high profile companies

Bid campaigns are the backbone of our business.


But ours aren’t your average.


Most companies submit binders full of black and white Word printouts – maybe with the odd logo thrown in if they’re feeling really adventurous. Our clients don’t.


We produce striking and highly creative proposals for them that are full-blown advertising campaigns, and have the same impact. Next to stacks of monochrome paper, they practically leap off the desk.


To us, the front page is a billboard and the dividers prime storytelling space. Everything we create, from ideas to designs to copy, reinforces key brand messages and USPs – as identified during our value proposition workshops.


Over many years, we’ve perfected a bid management process that’s like nothing else out there. It’s intensely effective and has worked for many globally recognised brands. It’s called Want It More.


Most of our bid work – as you might expect – is covered by NDAs so sadly we can’t show you our portfolio because then we’d have to kill you.


We’re going to assume you’re not that keen to see it.


So here’s a small snapshot of some of the work that’s resulted in our 78% win rate and over £2,500,000,000 in new business won.