A cool interactive puzzle app to boost awareness & sales for Marvel


In the run up to the new term, we pulled out all the stops to drive sales of Marvel school shoes and collect data from the brand’s most important demographic: parents.



For Fit For School, we built a custom data-gated app with a fun gaming twist.


To enter, kids had to solve a puzzle (featuring Marvel characters and school shoes) within a set time limit. Parents had to fill in a simple form to gain access to the game, meaning that customer data soon came rushing in.


The Fit For School app was fast, optimised for mobile and boasted full drag and drop functionality for exceptional UX.


People went crazy for the puzzle challenge, playing over and over again until they completed it before the timer ran down. They also shared in droves with friends and family, trying to outdo each other and see who could finish fastest.


Of course, every additional attempt meant another chance to check out the shoes – just what we wanted!


The campaign ultimately outperformed predictions on all counts, and successfully boosted brand awareness at a crucial sales period for the brand.