A groundbreaking online fashion magazine for global franchise retailer AFR


Alhokair Fashion Retail (AFR) has over 1,600 stores globally and many millions of customers.


The franchise retailer is the biggest in Saudi Arabia and partners with 100+ household-name brands including Clarks, M&S and Zara.


With no ecommerce, AFR had major issues connecting with new customers outside of stores. We were tasked with turning this around and using digital to transform the growth potential of its brands.



Pivotal to our digital strategy was the creation of dual-language SFM.com – a trailblazing online fashion hub bursting with exciting content, and a place where the Kingdom’s fashionistas could enjoy, explore, discuss and express all things style.


This was something totally unique to the market and we knew from the get-go what huge potential it had. It soon emerged as the perfect place to push out branded content to a highly receptive audience.


We also knew from day one that the site had to be the real deal. Articles had to appeal to the buzzing Saudi fashion scene so we immediately helped AFR recruit and install a complete editorial team in its HQ. As well as creating content ourselves, we trained and developed the team to ensure a constant flow of authentic and hyper-relevant articles were produced.


We also launched SFM Plus – an exclusive members-only club that proved a great way to collect mountains of invaluable sign-up data. In return, we sent members a bi-weekly email packed with unmissable offers, news and articles.


Crucial to the success of SFM was our supporting work. Here’s a snapshot:


  • Content creation
  • PPC
  • Social media management
  • Influencer collaborations
  • Event design
  • Print design