Want It More brings powerful advertising principles and techniques into the heart of bids

Worried your bids don’t quite live up to your business? Tired of falling at the final hurdle and watching competitors walk away with your wins?


Want It More™ is a complete 3-stage process that uses powerful advertising principles and techniques to reimagine core business values, messaging and positioning, and reignite bid material.


It makes sure you have everything, think of everything and do everything in your power to win.


Choose Want It More™ if you’re ready to:

  • Show you’re extraordinary
  • Create highly compelling bid, sales and marketing collateral
  • Gain a war chest of win-worthy material
  • Transform uninspiring bids into captivating creative campaigns
  • Stand head and shoulders above the competition


In addition to Want It More we also offer a full bid marketing and design service.


For more information download the Want It More brochure or contact Simon Wellstead [email protected] +44(0)1252 715 059