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Stuck in neutral?

Supercharge your value proposition to drive business success.

Are weak value propositions
crippling your business growth?

Don’t let a weak value proposition hold back your business growth. If your current pitch feels generic, overly technical, or eerily similar to your competitors, it’s time for a change. Avoid the trap of AI-generated clichés and showcase what truly makes you different.

Finding and
defining your
real value.

Crafting your value proposition from inside your business is near impossible. Your team may have too much knowledge, too many strong opinions or not feel able to challenge others.

At SMSW Media, we’re not just looking for information; we’re on a mission to sift through the noise, challenge the ‘me too’ attitudes, and cut through the ‘so what’ to reveal the only thing we’re interested in: the truth.

We dig deeper. “Really? Prove it. Got examples? What do your customers and competitors actually think?”.

Our goal is to dive deep into customer insights, distil your unique value and focus on crafting a proposition that’s not just a message, but a strategic asset.

After all, it’s not about what you think your value is — it’s about what your customers and competitors know it to be.


Our 5-stage ‘True Value’ Process: Uncovering What Others Can’t

Simon Wellstead and Adam Edwards leverage over 20 years of experience to guide you through our 5-stage ‘True Value’process.

We blend three critical areas of expertise: commercial insight, marketing acumen, and creative thinking.

This unique combination allows us to push beyond conventional limits, dive deeper, and pose the tough questions that others might miss or shy away from.

Stage 1: Discovery

With no ‘one size fits’ all approach to working out a value proposition – we simply promise to do ‘whatever it takes’ to deliver a truly tailored approach.

After an introductory call with you, we work out a dedicated plan. Once agreed, we arrange a Value Proposition Workshop date and then our team dive straight into researching you, your collateral, your customer journey and sales cycle, your sector and your competitors.

Stage 2: Pre-workshops

We run internal workshops (i.e. without you) to bring together all the discovery stage and identify where the gaps are. From this we’ll create a Workshop presentation with questions for you and your team.

Stage 3A: Value Proposition Workshop

Our workshops are more than just a search for the right words; they are a deep dive into the heart of your business. By understanding your commercial objectives and challenges, we tailor messages that not only captivate but also convert – driving tangible business results.

We take you through our discovery and analysis and then deep dive into your prospects pains and desires plus your product/service offer.

Stage 3B: Doing whatever it takes

Often the VP Workshops bring up more questions, unearth new competitors and more people to speak to.

Our priority is to deliver a power value proposition so we never cut our service short just because we’re on the clock – we will, quite literally, do whatever it takes to get all the information we need no matter how long it takes.

Stage 4: Creating your Value Proposition

Now we’ve got everything we need and get to work to give you value proposition options,
positioning statements, key messages/themes, a guide to message prioritisation and some high level creative ideas for campaigns.

We will arrange a time to present back to you your value proposition. We provide you with a ‘Name TBC’ for you to use to get buy-in from current and future staff. This gives the rationales and thinking behind your value proposition, positioning and messaging to ensure your teams are unified in their message.

See an example SMSW Media value proposition document

Stage 5: Strategy & Creative

In this optional stage, we work with you to deliver creative, content and campaigns to drive home your value proposition and start converting prospects into customers.

The Outcome: You’re impossible to ignore

Armed with a razor-sharp value proposition, you’re now equipped to attract new customers with messaging that’s not just precise—it’s compelling.

We’ve tailored your narrative to cut through the noise and resonate directly with your audience, setting the stage for undeniable attraction and engagement.

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